Our Mission

The mission of The Transparent Church is threefold. We exist to:

I. Introduce the lost to Christ!

Sharing the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is our primary purpsoe for being in existence. We believe that there are those individuals who have the sprititual gift of evangelism, however each believer has a responsibility to evangelize. We are currently partnering with the Pocket Testiment League to share 10,000 Gospels throughout  Grand Prairie and beyond before the end of the year.

II. Invest in the Lives of All mankind

In addition to sharing the Gospel we exist to invest or pour into the lives of those God places in our community and paths. We invest in the lives of mankind by sharing community events such as hosting money management classes for our members and the community,. hosting marriage and leadership conference in order to impact our society and community.

III. Involve People In the work of ministry

Finally we exist to involve people in the work of ministry through effective leadership and teaching. Our goal is to equip the body of Christ to do the work of ministry. As we fulfill our mission many people get involved in assisting the local church in fulfilling its ministry.